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Thaj Neeb -- Shaman's Altar
The shaman cannot perform a ritual without an altar; therefore, an altar must be set up and it should be on the wall every day​​


Kuam -- Divination Horns
The divination horns answer any questions that the shaman longs to know.

Thiv Hauv -- Shaman's Veil
Every time a shaman is performing a shamanic ritual, he/she have to cover his/her face with this black veil to defend its self from the evil spirits.

Tswb Neeb -- Finger Ring Bells
This tool is used to help heal a person.

Txiab Neeb -- A Rattle Used in Shamanic Rituals
This tool is used in shamanic rituals and its purpose is to hold everything together; as in a document.

Ntaj Neeb -- Shaman's Sword
The sword is used to block evilness, to destroy the evil devils, and to protect people from disasters.

Nruas Neeb -- Shaman's Gong
The gong/the sound of the gong is a warning to the spirits (assistants) that the shaman is performing a ritual and they must come out to help instruct.

Xyoob Thiab Xov -- Strings and Bamboos
The bamboos and the strings must be set up in order for the shaman to go to the spirit world. The bamboos and the strings represent a bridge. When a shaman is in a shamanic ritual , the bridge will lead the shaman to the other world. The strings and bamboos are located on the ceiling. They start from the shaman's altar and ends at the door. The strings represent a bridge and the bamboos represent the support for the bridge.

Txheej Txam -- Joss Paper Cutters
These tools are used to cut/punch joss papers. After those papers are cut/punched, they will be burnt for the evil spirits.

Ntawv Nyiaj -- Joss Paper

This special paper is known as joss paper, or spirit money. They are burnt for the evil spirits as money.

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